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Wide Area Networking

The leading-edge technology of Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) allows businesses to turn commodity Internet connections into private and secure, application-aware voice and data delivery systems. Let us show you how our Managed SD-WAN can change or augment your current network, save you money, and improve your productivity.

Voice & Mobile

We offer Voice Over IP Technology, traditional voice, and premium mobile services for all major carriers. We can also conduct a non-invasive analysis of your existing services and plans, at no upfront cost. If any excess services or overlooked charges are discovered, we will work with your current carriers to have them removed. This means savings. Let us show you how a simple analysis can positively impact your bottom line.



Imagine managing all of your cloud resources in one place, with one partner. We provide expert cloud strategy consulting and engineering, taking the guesswork out of selecting the appropriate solution. As your business is unique, there is no “one size fits all” model when it comes to cloud strategy. We will tailor a custom solution that fits your unique requirements. Let us help you to maximize your initiatives, and get the most out of the cloud.

Advanced Connectivity

We are proudly redefining the standard when it comes to managed wireless connections with our industry-leading Millimeter Wave Radio technology. Starting at 10 Gbps, our connections offer unmatched speed and reliability in hard-to-reach locations, eliminating the need for terrestrial circuits. Ideal for broadcasting (IPTV), campus security, sporting events, and trade shows. Let us show you how high-speed wireless connectivity is the wave of the future.

We could not be happier! ... Martel is helping us forge ahead into the future utilizing new technologies and developing strategies in advance so we’re not being reactive. If you’re looking for a real partner, Martel is where you’ll find it.
— Chris Fischer, Learfield

Who are we?

We are an independent telecommunications consultancy focused on designing leading-edge networking solutions and guiding enterprises through technological advancements. 

Working with organizations to understand their critical needs, we design and manage solutions that bring business strategies to life.

Driven by relentless customer advocacy, we leverage our strong relationships with industry-leading IT and telecom providers to deliver custom solutions that exceed expectations.

Our Mission

To cultivate a network of exceptional relationships and harness its power to enable the world’s enterprises to become

perpetual dot-connectors.

Martin Rich

Chief Executive Officer

Niles Pierson

Chief Operating Officer

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Are we a good fit for your company?

Our ideal clients include enterprises and large or small businesses looking to optimize their communications services, including, but not limited to: telecommunications, mobility, cloud services, business internet, network services, and managed services.

We are most successful in working with clients who:

  • Seek reliability and security from their voice and data networks.

  • Recognize that technology is vital for managing change, increasing productivity, managing risk and gaining competitive advantage.

  • Seek a technology advisor that will act as a trusted partner and assist to improve the profitability, and operations of their business via technology.

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